Odell Beckham, Jr. spent some time during this offseason at a zoo in Myrtle Beach. Being a celebrity gained him access the rest of us don't really get, so he was able to frolic with a chimpanzee and a beautiful white tiger.

Nearing 2 million views, that post has also pulled in over 3,000 comments, and also got the folks at PETA all fussy.

Vin Ebenau from Townsquare News has the nuts and bolts of this story, but to sum up, this is just another item on the list of why PETA is the worst.

The same PETA that wanted to turn the former site of the Circus Drive-In into a "Museum of Animal Torture".

The same PETA that wanted to euthanize the Seaside boardwalk cats.

The same PETA that supports the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front, both of which are notorious for fire-bombing laboratories.

Don't get me wrong, I'm strongly opposed to animal abuse. I'm a little iffy on the concept of zoos in general, because I don't think animals should be caged, but I also think that in some cases animals are safer in protection than in the wild, so for the preservation of some species zoos might help.

Still, I don't see how a tiger wrestling with a toy just like a typical housecat would is any type of abuse. Chimps love to throw poop, why wouldn't they love to throw a football?

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