It would be a pretty unique brag for a Giants fan to say they got their dog from Odell Beckham, Jr.

ODB's dog, a Canary Mastiff named Eris, gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies at Green Leaf Pet Resort in Millstone. The pups, three male and seven female, are available for adoption.

If you're interested (and can take care of a Mastiff) you can submit an application here. Proceeds from the adoptions will go toward the Prisoners Assisting Warrior Services, a program where prison inmates train service dogs to help disabled veterans. The dogs are trained to help veterans facing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, military sexual trauma and combat-related traumatic brain injuries.

Right now all the pups have astronomical names like Comet, Nova, and Orbit, but if you pick up one of Beckham's dog, you have to change it to a football theme, right? I mean, "ODB" is an obvious one, but what about "TD" or "Duke" or "Mara"?

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