The “cookie” was originally invented out of necessity.  Using just a portion of the cake batter, bakers used to test their oven temperatures to make sure the heat was precisely right.  Eventually, the lightbulb went off.  Let’s sell these “little cakes” too.

Would you believe me if I told you the very first cookie made and sold commercially in the United States was the Animal Cracker?  Made by Nabisco, the Animal Cracker was launched in 1902.  The original packaging depicted the crackers locked behind a cage.  Fast-forward 116 years later and Nabisco reacted to disapproval from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and updated their box of Animal Crackers eliminating the cage in 2018. To be fair, PETA was formed in 1980.

I am not surprised to learn that here in the United States, we are the biggest cookie bakers and eaters worldwide.  I’m sure my fellow consumers of sweet treats would agree, there are never enough bakeries in your town or mine.  As a baker, the goal of crafting the perfect cookie is a challenge.  That struggle is real.  The 2 cousins that started the Crumble Cookie franchise in 2017 could tell you that.

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According to Yelp, after many attempts at the perfect cookie recipe, the cousins decided to make two versions of their chocolate chip cookie and ask the local convenience stores to choose their favorite.   Rinse and repeat, and eventually, they found their special sauce or “batter”.  After their first store opened in Logan Utah, the business took off. There is a Crumble Cookie franchise in over 30 locations spanning six states. 

via Yelp
via Yelp

New Jersey is about to get our first.

A couple from Manalapan, Darrell and Karen Doucette, is planning on opening a Crumbl Cookie Bakery this October.  The location will be in the Seaview Square Shopping Center, next to Applebee’s.

Darell Douchette said...

Our research was not the worst research in the world: We traveled around near our house and ate a bunch of cookies.  We really feel like there's not anything that we can find around that is comparable."


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