I might be a little late to the party with this story since I was living on a billboard all last week for the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon, but this is exciting news for Toms River.

A brand new skate park is going to be built in Toms River for all the skateboarders and BMX'ers out there.

This is great since it happens far too often that teenagers riding their skateboards in parking lots get chased away by business owners and sometimes the police.

Now they will have a place of their own to have all the fun in the world riding their boards.

The new skate park will be located at Castle Park at Oak Avenue in Toms River.

According to Shorebeat:

The skate park will be constructed on a grassy, undeveloped portion of the current park next to the playground. It will cover an area of about 150-by-100 feet. The park itself will be made of concrete and measure 6,335 square feet in area. The project also includes benches, a picnic area, landscaping and lighting.

The skate park and the entire project should take approximately six months to be completed.

I just want to thank everyone that supported and donated for the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon last week. With a lot of certainties this year with the COVID pandemic, we were still able to hit our goal and set a record $155,625 for the families in Ocean County with Children with cancer

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Andy Chase
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