I'm very confused about what is going on with Captain Hooks Bar in Seaside Heights.

Are Captain hooks being sold? Are they doing a massive renovation, or will the building be torn down and starting from scratch? New owners? I just don't know. Keep Reading please.

Let me explain...I was scrolling through Facebook earlier today and I saw an article from my buddy Daniel Nee who writes for the online publication Shorebeat.

He seems to get the "scoop" on a lot of stories before anyone else, and I share a lot of his articles on our site.

The title of his latest article is, "New Mixed-Use Property Proposed to Replace Captain Hooks Bar"

This is the first I am hearing about anything going on with Hooks, and I usually find out things pretty early as well.

According to Shorebeat:

Hooks Hospitality LLC has proposed a site plan to the Seaside Heights planning board that asks for approval of a three-level mixed-use establishment including a restaurant with a liquor license on the first level, a banquet room on the second level, and three residential apartments on the third level.

The article also says that a sale is currently pending for the property. Is it being sold to new owners? This is my confusion.

Of course, the proposal has to go in front of the Seaside Heights planning board on October 28th to see if the three-story structure is even possible.

More in future reports...

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