Pardon my crack, my plumber’s crack to be precise. Since I’ve started the Keto diet I have lost 20 pounds and almost 3 inches of fat around my waist.

As a result, I am having major wardrobe malfunctions. My belt is on its final notch, and my pants keep falling down. When I bend over I have the infamous “plumber’s crack” and as I walk my pants slowly slide off of my waist.

I refuse to buy new clothes or a belt since I am planning on losing more weight. I decided I’m going to have to wear suspenders until I reach the next belt size in my closet. Right now I am a tween.

We’ve all been there, and it is easy to justify spending the money on new clothes. I happen to be a little more conservative though. (Translation: I’m cheap)  I don’t want to spend money on new clothes yet.

Besides, it’s a little more fun to pull out a pair of pants that you couldn’t fit into 6 weeks ago and slip them on. I can’t quite snap them but I am able to get them up and almost closed.

Until next time,

Rock on party people.

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