If you've lived near the Jersey Shore your whole life then it's not a surprise to you to hear that one of the best funhouses in the country can be found right here in Jersey.

Not just in Jersey, but right here by the Jersey Shore.

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As a kid, there's really nothing more fun than a fun house, right?

The idea that you're transported basically into another dimension for a little bit while you try to navigate your way around is one that I love thinking back on from my childhood.

Trying to make your way through a maze of mirrors, jump scares, and moving floors is a classic funhouse memory.

Photo by Jason Chen on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Chen on Unsplash

We have a bunch of great funhouses here in Jersey, but one funhouse is standing out as one of the best in the country.

What New Jersey Funhouse Is Being Highlighted As One Of The Best In The Country?

It's a funhouse that odds are, you've visited many times either as a kid or with your kid.

Whether you're visiting during peak season, or in the off-season it's sure to please.

According to Only In Your State, no trip to the Jersey Shore is complete without a stop at the Fun House at Jenks in Point Pleasant.

For the low low price of just $8, you'll get to explore a mirror maze, a moving clown tunnel that'll leave you mesmerized and you'll even walk down a "fart Hallway" where you'll want to be careful where you step because you could hear some colorful noises.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

In addition to a great funhouse, Point Pleasant is just a great town to visit, so while you're planning your next trip be sure to make Point Pleasant a stop.

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