Watch Free Beer, Hot Wings, Zane, Producer Joe & Producer Steve right here!

Webcam viewing at is typically reserved for VIP members to the website, but since we'll have our friend, comedian and hypnotist Rich Guzzi in studio with us this morning hypnotizing interns, we figured we'd let you watch for free as a ‘lil gift!  Every now and then, we’ll be offering up webcam viewing on our website for free for a morning.  After a big studio redesign and massive camera upgrade last summer, you now get to see our ugly mugs in fancy, colorful HD!  So click play below and enjoy the show.

Like what you see?  As a VIP member at, you’ll get access to the webcams every morning that the show is live.  You’ll also be able to download or stream the podcast every day, with 120 days of archives on the site.  So basically, you’ll never miss anything and you can take us with you wherever you go and listen whenever you want.

To sign up to be a VIP, just click here and fill out all of the info.  Not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge?  Click here to sign up for a FREE 30 Day VIP Membership.  Also, we’ll be giving away FREE 90 Day VIP Memberships all morning, so listen for your chance to win!

The free stream is through Ustream and has pop-up and banner ads. If you sign up to be a VIP, the video stream will be pop-up and banner ad-free! 

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