It's once again that time of year in Ocean and Monmouth County where we want to bring some holiday cheer to a family who may not be able to provide it for themselves.

It's the Free Beer and Hot Wings 2024 Holiday Break-In with 105.7 The Hawk.

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Do you know a family in Ocean or Monmouth that's been down on their luck this past year or perhaps just can't catch a break?

There are so many great charities in our area but sometimes families do slip through the cracks, and these are the people we are looking to help out.

Nominate A Family For The Free Beer And Hot Wings Holiday Break-in.

If you know a family who needs help this year, tell us their story, and be sure to scroll down and select "New Jersey - Monmouth/Ocean - 105.7 the Hawk".

Your submission isn't going to help a family in Manchester if it ends up going to Ohio.

We will go through all of the nominations, and select the family we can help out the most this year.

If the family you nominate is selected, then you'll become our "Accomplice" and will help us out with the entire process.

From letting us know what the family needs most, and what kind of toys the kids like, to making sure the family is out of the house during the time of the break-in and of course making sure our "hoodlums" AKA the 105.7 The Hawk Flightcrew can break into the home and deliver a magical holiday.

This Is Completely Anonymous, So Don't Tell The Family You're Nominating Them

No notes will be left, there'll be no cameras, no reporters, or anything.

It's completely anonymous.

So if you know a family in need in Ocean or Monmouth County, please nominate them for this year's Free Beer and Hotwings Holiday Break-In

Please be as detailed in your nomination as possible, for example, the number of children, their ages, parents' work schedule, and anything else you think could help.

The only thing we ask is that you don't nominate yourself or those you live with, and please keep it a secret from those you nominate!

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show Holiday Break-In is powered by 105.7 The Hawk and NJ Outboards.

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