Hey, you probably heard there's a new guy here on 105.7 The Hawk.  That's me!  I'm Rich De Sisto.  I'm the new afternoon guy on The Hawk.  You can hear me weekdays from 3pm-7pm.  I may be a new voice, but I am no stranger to the Jersey Shore.  You may have heard me in New York City, Philly, Atlantic City, or Trenton.

I grew up in Hightstown, which is just about a 15-mile drive to Great Adventure and a 40-minute drive to the beaches of the Jersey Shore.  These are two places I spent most of my childhood summers. Long days on the beach were spent in Seaside Heights consisting of body surfing in waves what felt like 100 feet high, a packed lunch and the anticipation of dinner on the boardwalk. To this day, there is nothing like a Midway hot grilled sausage link, split in half and cradled by a soft long roll, layered with peppers and onions.

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As I look back on my 34 years on the radio, it’s a good thing I didn’t listen to my parents. Turns out they liked it just the same. If it wasn’t for my childhood fascination with a device called the transistor radio obsession coupled with the New York Yankees radio broadcast, who knows the path I would have chosen. Then came my love for music, after hearing the sound of Renegade from Styx pulsating from my parents’ car stereo.

Here are a few more random things about me, that you probably don't need to know...

*Hightstown High School Class of 1986 (Rams) 35 year reunion this October

*I bought my first sports car (Mustang GT) at Seabreeze Ford in 1985

*Mastered the NJ Circles before they started going away

*Worked as an announcer at Peddlers Village in Wall in the mid-1980s (maybe you had a booth there?)

*DJ'd private parties in the 1980s in Jackson, Freehold, Howell, and Brick.  (maybe I was your DJ?)

*Used to record shop at the Ocean County Mall

*Friends gave me many nicknames:

  • E - cause my tank was always on empty,
  • CHARD - short for Richard
  • THE HUMAN ROADMAP - because I always knew where to go

*My favorite band Led Zeppelin

*My favorite color is blue

*I'm left-handed

*Oh...and I like CATS!

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