What would you do if you won the lottery?

Buy a huge house? Go on extravagant vacations? Retire?

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I'd pay off my house, student loans, and my wife's car and then put the rest in the bank and let it work for me while continuing to work at 105.7 The Hawk.

It may not be the craziest thing to do with lottery winnings, but it's a smart way to go about coming into a lot of money.

And Jersey seems to be a jackpot haven this year.

Back in June someone hit it big with the Powerball and won over 200 Million dollars.

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More on that right here. 

Back in March, someone in Jersey won a massive 1.25 Billion Dollar jackpot, talk about absolutely life-changing!

3 More New Jersey Residents Hit It Big With The NJ Lottery

The luck keeps pouring in for some people.

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Over the past week, Jersey has been the home of three jackpot winners for the NJ lottery according to APP.

A 10-thousand-dollar ticket was sold at a Speed Mart in Clementon, and a 50-thousand-dollar ticket was sold at a Shop Rite in Somerset.

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Oddly enough, NJ's latest Billionaire jackpot winner also bought their ticket at a ShopRite, not sure if there's a correlation but it's quite the coincidence!

And NJ also has a new millionaire in Manalapan, where a winning Million-dollar ticket was sold at a Soda King.

I've always believed your best odds of winning the lottery are at small, hole-in-the-wall corner stores, either way, you can't win if you don't play!

These Are The Steps Experts Say To Take If You Win The Lottery

After getting over the initial shock, Moneycrashers.com says you should do these things immediately if you win the lottery!

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