As Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports cruises the Jersey Shore reviewing the best slice of pizza, I found myself salivating over what I wanted to eat during my first live broadcast from the 105.7 The Hawk Seaside Park studios this past Saturday.  My final choice wasn’t pizza surprisingly but what I call the “old school” sausage and peppers sandwich.  Step into my world of Jersey Shore comfort food for a moment, or should I say my stomach?!?

I never met an Italian that didn’t like to eat and I’m no different.  That is especially true when it comes to comfort food at the Jersey Shore.  Head to the boardwalk on an empty stomach and be prepared for all your senses to create some trouble.

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1. Sausage peppers and onions

While waiting in line at Midway Steaks in Seaside Heights to order, your brain debates with your taste buds as to what to order.  For me, it always ends up the same; a hot grilled sausage link, split in half and cradled by a soft long roll, layered with peppers and onions that taste like they’ve been on the grill all day.  After just one bite, the juices drip on your shirt, and you don’t care.

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2.  Pizza

Getting a slice on the boardwalk is a right of passage.  There will always be debate as to who has the best pizza at the Jersey Shore.  I think the debate exists because there are so many great pizza shops.  I agree with Mr. Barstool.  For me, a good slice of pie has to have a crunch.  Not just the crust.  You’ll never catch me eating pizza with a fork and knife.  If it’s too floppy you look foolish eating it.  Then again if it’s one of those “big” slices it’s fool’s gold.

French fries

3.  Fries

Boardwalk style fries are hand-cut, thick French fries that are made to order and deliciously served crispy and greasy in a paper cup.  They are seasoned with salt along with a choice of condiments of your liking such as vinegar and ketchup.  Nothing beats walking down the boardwalk with your fries, grabbing and eating more than one at a time, and wiping your hands across the back of your pants before you reach for more.  Beware, the seagulls like them too.

Colorful scoops ice cream background concept

4.  Waffles and Ice Cream

I discovered this delectable dessert called “Waffles and Ice Cream” at age 7 at the Jersey Shore.  I had already discovered other foods that go together like peanut butter and jelly and unfortunately peas and carrots.  I also quickly learned that if I didn’t eat my veggies, I couldn’t enjoy 2 scoops of my favorite ice cream resting on warm, hot off the iron, waffles.  At home, the toppings became creative, but on the boardwalk just give me my 2 scoops piled high atop a warm foundation and let the meting down my arm begin.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

5.  Zeppoles

Sure there’s Funnel Cake and Fried Dough, but they are not Zeppoles!  A Zeppole is an Italian donut.  There are just a few places to find them, a food truck, the Italian section of your neighborhood or the boardwalk.  They may smell like those 2 imposters but it’s not the same.  The trick to a good Zeppole is watching them made fresh before your eyes, smelling the dough turning brown, and breathing the powdered confectioners' sugar that’s in the air.  For the true experience, they need to be served in a paper bag.  Drop them in, add the sugar and shake the bag.  Now you are ready for the walk of fame.

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