Win Cash kicks off this Monday Morning at 8a with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show.

It's simple...Listen for code words all day long...Enter them on the Hawk App, and you could WIN CASH...up to $10,000 bucks!!!

You could do a lot with 10k ya know? You could pay bills, do some repairs around the house, take a well-deserved vacation or go on a NICE shopping spree.

So, I started thinking...Does Amazon sell really expensive items?

Most of us I'm sure buy the basics on Amazon...Electronics, food, underwear, toiletries, etc where we spend a few hundred bucks max.

So I went searching on Amazon for the really expensive stuff. In the "price range" section I entered $5,000-$10,000,  and I noticed there are quite a few things that would put a dent in your bank account if you were to buy them...But not if you Win Cash on the Hawk starting Monday Morning. Did I say you could win up to $10,000? I believe I did.

Here are six things that you could buy if you were to go


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Andy Chase
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