With the Free Beer and Hot Wings $10,000.00 win cash stimulus contest now on, what would you do with 10K? That's like 1+ year in groceries, or 2 months if you have 4 teenage boys in your house. Maybe take that long awaited awesome vacation....your bucket list vacation! A down payment on a new car? Motorcycle? Jet ski? When you're in a contest or just buying a lottery ticket, I would imagine EVERYONE, including me, dreams of what you would do with your winnings.

Ten grand is a lot of dough. I said last week, if I won money like that, I'd buy a new soft top for my Jeep. Mine is old and it's a true P.I.T.A. to get on and off. I would probably build a backyard bar, redo my deck and maybe upgrade my fence. I mean all I do is talk about nice weather and that summer is almost here, are you surprised that I would spend that money with anything else? Convertibles and backyard parties....that's me!

Although I do have the Jeep, it never sees rain or snow. It's basically my summer sunshine fun car. Sits in the garage, just appreciating in value. That's all good, but it still needs a new top!

Jenni XOXO

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