The "Clark" Candy Bar is Coming Back!
I honestly don't ever remember eating a "Clark" candy bar back in the day, but it must have been pretty popular since it was around from 1917 to about 2018. But then it went away.
It definitely sounds like a candy bar that I would like...
Here’s Our List of Top Cyber Monday Finds
It's Cyber Monday! Here's a list of some great deals we've found for you. We'll update this page all day long with more awesome deals as we find them, so be sure to check back with us throughout the day!
Here are direct links to some popular Walmart Cyber Monday categories
Toms River Kohl's Will Be Accepting Amazon Returns
This Summer, you will no longer have to head to the post office or UPS Store to return items you purchased on Amazon.
Starting in July, ALL Kohl's stores will be accepting your Amazon returns!
This is absolutely perfect for me because I hate dealing with the hassle of returning things through the…

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