We all at times question our lot in life. We wonder why we weren't born into millions of dollars and complete frauds like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were. Many times we all just wish we could get a taste of the high life for just a little while. David Dopp got that chance when he won a Lamborghini in a contest. Everything was great, he was the proud owner of the finest Italian car in the world. Six hours later he had crashed the car into an embankment and the dream was over.

Apparently it was too much car for Dopp and he couldn't control the vehicle. He was giving all his neighbors rides when he crashed the vehicle in a "speed related" crash. Clearly Dopp wasn't built to have the finer things in life. Why would he drive his buddies around in the car? That car needed to go in the garage and then be taken out for special occasions, like going to the TRACK. Even people with the money to buy a Lamborghini aren't stupid enough to just cruise around the neighborhood. It is a special occasion type vehicle, not a car to impress Bob from down the street. This is why some people just can't have nice things. He had the car SIX hours before he wrecked it. That tells me he never deserved that car in the first place and a more deserving person (like me) should have it. Dopp claims that he was only going 40-50 miles per hour at the time of the accident. The skid marks in the road before he drove off said road suggest otherwise. He tried to push a car that has 640 horses under the hood in a 35 mph zone! THAT is not the guy we want driving those kinds of vehicle.

I am starting to think that sometimes people don't get nice things because they simply don't deserve them. That is good news for some of us because that means that the best is yet to come. It is very sad news for frauds because that means that a good chunk of them will never get a chance to prosper. Either way this guy blew an once in a lifetime opportunity. What would you do if you won a Lamborghini? Would you drive your buddies around in it? Could you handle such a nice vehicle?

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