I have been on record many times saying that any man that would marry Kim Kardashian is a fraud. Why any man would marry her or marry into that KRAZY KLAN is beyond me. That is why I have no sympathy for Kris Humphries, AKA "Fraud Hump" as Kim Kardashian filed for divorce today. When will people learn that women who make adult relations tapes are not marriage material? I mean what in Kim's background made him think it was a wise decision to marry her in the 1st place? I couldn't deal with her, her sisters, or that mom either. To think that this guy wants to work it out further proves my claim that he has no ability to please a woman. Reggie Bush bailed on her, Miles Austin did as well, yet "Fraud Hump" rushed to the alter just for it all to be over 72 days later. In her defense, I wouldn't want to spend time in Hump's home state of Minnesota either, but either way she is better single and he should take this as a bonus and walk away clean while he still can.

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