I am embarrassed by Jesse Jackson. I have been for a long time. He hasn't been relevant since 1984. That means he is at LEAST 28 years past his prime. The best appearance he has made in a decade was on South Park and that wasn't even him. Yet for some reason every time there is a major issue somebody decides to give Jesse a platform to sound off. He has said a lot of stupid things in the past, but his newest statement may be the dumbest of them all. He said that Jesus was an occupier to try to help motivate members of the "Occupy Movement"!! Jackson hasn't been able to weigh in much in America so he took his tired act to London.

Somebody needs to encourage these hippies to go home! They don't even know why they are there anymore. I LOVE protests in general. This country is built on them. I am at heart a person that resists authority. I just think that the people protesting should have an idea WHAT they are protesting. Instead Jesse decides to tell them they are similar to Jesus. That is not the message to teach clueless people. I know they have no idea what they are talking about because they actually cheered Jesse Jackson when he is worth 10 MILLION DOLLARS! Jesse Jackson is the 1%. Yes, that fraud has 10 million in the bank while you go to work everyday for your money.

Contrary to what some people believe Jesse Jackson is NOT the King of Black people either. I am as black as the ace of spades and I can't stand him. The global news market mixed with the 24 hour news cycle opens up more opportunities for him to speak though. He can't control himself when they give him a microphone so please stop giving him one. Jesse is only 70 years old, but he isn't going to get sharper with age. This means that his comments are going to get more crazy and not less crazy. Am I the only one finished with Jesse Jackson?

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