Christmas time at the Jersey Shore is really a fun and unique experience.

Especially if you take some time to drive up and down 35 on the island to take in all of the great Christmas lights and displays you'll see.

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There's nothing cooler than driving through Mantoloking or Bayhead and seeing the mega-mansion beach houses all lit up for the holidays.

However, the most unique sight you'll see this time of year at the Shore can be found in Seaside Heights, specifically at Sunset Beach.

When you look out into the Barnegat Bay and see a Christmas Tree tied onto a floating dock in the middle of the water it really is something special this time of year to see.

Christmas Tree In The Bay In Seaside Heights New Jersey
Photo Credit: Buehler

Honestly, it was pretty eye-catching during the day just because how often do you see a Christmas Tree in the bay?

However, what's even more amazing and unique is when you drive down 35 at night and see this tree lit up.

It was really an amazing sight to see and brings almost a sense of calm to you when you look out and enjoy the view.

Christmas Tree In The Bay New Jersey
Photo Credit: Buehler

This is such a cool holiday tradition and to whoever set this up, thank you!

If you want to check out this Christmas tree in the bay for yourself you'll have to make a quick trip to Seaside Heights.

Sunset Beach where you can see the tree is located at 1200 NJ-35, you just have to park in the Stewarts parking lot and you'll be set.

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