As the 2010s ended, I took a look back at the Best Horror and the Best Comedy films of the past ten years. Every year at this time, I also look back at the best movies I watched - keep in mind, these aren't the best that came out in 2019, but rather the best that I watched and reviewed as part of [Celluloid Hero].

I haven't seen everything Jenny Slate has been a part of, but so far, she has done no wrong, and I really want to be her friend.

For once, I prefer a sequel to the original.

Could there be anything less "Deadpool" than a Disney/Pixar superhero movie? My tastes vary, I guess.

This movie also made my "Top Horror of the 2010s" list.

Time travel and social injustice? Sign me up.

A decade-long journey came to a (mostly) satisfying end.

Another entry from my "Best Horror of the Decade" list, I learned I'm still not completely tired of zombie movies.

One movie, six stories, 100% Coen Brothers.

Maybe one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

A beautiful movie with a great cast and great soundtrack. It also hit me at the perfect time, watching a movie about the strength of the family bond while my daughter sat next to me on the couch.

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