All October long, [Celluloid Hero] is featuring Halloween movie lists! First, we'll check out the Top 5 ZOMBIE MOVIES.

Night of the Living Dead

The classic! The movie that introduced the mindless flesh-eating zombie to the world. Due to a famous copyright error, you can watch the whole movie online for free!



This one is fairly unknown, but I really enjoy it. It's an interesting take on the genesis of a zombie outbreak, and focuses on a radio DJ and his producer, trapped inside the station.


Dead Snow

Two words: NAZI ZOMBIES.  How can you go wrong with that?


28 Days Later

Okay, technically they're not zombies in the sense of being undead; instead, these baddies are infected with the "rage virus"...but it's still a fun watch.


Shaun of the Dead

One of my all-time favorites movies, regardless of genre.