Just when I think I'm done with zombies, something awesome comes along and brings me right back. It's like some sort of unkillable thing that continually rises from the grave. Weird.

When a chemical accident starts turning people into zombies, the entire country of South Korea goes into a panic. The virus starts to spread as a man and his young daughter board a train to visit his ex/her mother. The train is full of other commuters, pompous executives, elderly women, a high school baseball team, and a young pregnant couple. As a young girl stumbles onto the train, she starts the infestation as a train attendant tries to help her.

The zombies spread from car to car on the train, all while the non-infected try to figure out what the hell is going on. Communication with the central station is interrupted, cell service isn't great, and while the sealed train offers a sense of safety from the outside, there's also the horror of what is trapped inside. The train attempts to stop at the next station only to find it overrun with zombies. More and more obstacles pile up, more and more passengers die, all as the train pushes to the end of the line, at Busan.

This movie shunned the classic "Romero" zombie, instead embracing the "28 Days Later" style of fast, strong, sprinting zombie. Setting things on a train really necessitated this, because if the zombies were just shuffling along, dragging their feet, a train would easily escape, and it would be easy to trap them in one car. The zombie effects were great, with a lot of blood and a lot of awesome shots showing hundreds of zombies swarming the survivors.

We also get a good deal of character development; the first scenes establishing the broken marriage and the depressed little girl really hit me (I can't deal with kids in movies ever since Baby Varacchi arrived). Adding in the pregnant couple amped things up. No zombie movie is complete without the human villains, and while I think the 'main' bad human goes over the top, it highlights the mob mentality that I could definitely see playing out in real life, with everyone looking out for themselves and leaving others behind.

Finally, shut up, I'm not crying at a zombie movie, YOU'RE crying at a zombie movie.

[Celluloid Hero] gives "Train to Busan" an 8 out of 10.




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