Some people have shunned the traditional 'dinner-and-a-movie' date, but I still think it's solid whether you're single or in a relationship. Here are five of my favorite romantic movies.

Sure it's mostly a kid movie, but it's got just enough nostalgia to keep me coming back. Endlessly quotable with a perfect cast, this is good enough to watch over and over.


Every romantic movie list MUST include at least one John Cusack movie. It's a rule, look it up. I also have a nice crush on Kate Beckinsale, so this movie is doubly good.


Back-to-back Cusack flicks make the list. This is my favorite of the Cusack rom-coms, and combines my love of music with my perpetual inability to understand women. If you really want to get into my psyche, just imagine Rob & Barry & Dick had a baby - that's me.


Obviously not exactly a romantic comedy...but the guy comes back from the grave to avenge his love. What is more romantic than that?


Sheer beauty. Irish street musician falls for a Czech immigrant. The love story itself is great, and the music takes it to another level.


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