I've said many times before that I was never really into horror as a kid. I grew up in what was more of a slasher era, and that kind of gore just never appealed to me. As I've gotten older, horror has gotten more sophisticated (blood and guts are still fun) and I've developed more of an appreciation for the genre. My tastes are still kind of weird, but here are my favorite horror movies of the past decade.

Maybe more sci-fi than horror, it still built up a lot of tension by splitting up the characters, intense action, and great special effects

New Zealand horror-comedy about death metal? Told you I have weird taste. A garage band awakens an ancient evil, and a whole lot of insane violence follows.

The most recent horror movie I did for [Celluloid Hero], it was the beginning of Jordan Peele's move away from comedy into horror. The tension builds and builds until it turns into a violent, bloody climax.

7 - The Witch

I haven't gotten to give this one the full [Celluloid Hero] review yet, but it will come early in 2020. Definitely a different tone than any of the other entries on this list, I actually didn't love it while watching it, but it grew on me.

6 - Rubber

I still have no idea how to properly describe a fourth-wall-breaking horror comedy about a tire that comes to life and murders people through telekinetic powers.

In my original review, I described this movie as "hillbilly Hitchcock", and I still love that line.

South Korea is still awesome at horror, and Train to Busan is a tight, tense, fun zombie flick.

3 - Black Swan

You might not immediately think of this when you think of horror movies...but there are a lot of crazy nightmarish scenes that are burned into my brain.

2 - Raw

Sex and violence, eroticism and horror...ah, the French.

I love this movie. Pure slow, relentless, overwhelming dread.

You may have noticed that some of the rankings in the original reviews don't necessarily reflect the order of this list (a movie with a 7 landing higher than an 8, etc)...but hey, my tastes are allowed to change.

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