I'm continuing my ride on the "end of decade" bandwagon, as last week I shared my favorite horror movies of the 2010s. This week I'm lightening up and sharing the funniest movies of the past ten years.

10 - Ted

I'll admit it probably didn't age that well since it was released in 2012, but it still made me laugh at the time. Since then, I got so burned out on Seth MacFarlane, I never even got around to seeing the sequel.

9 - Rubber

Hey, a crossover from my Top Horror Movies! "I still have no idea how to properly describe a fourth-wall-breaking horror comedy about a tire that comes to life and murders people through telekinetic powers."

8 - Bridesmaids

I remember when this came out, people saying it was like a female version of "The Hangover". It may just be because I've had more repeat viewings of Bridesmaids, but I feel like it stands slight above The Hangover.

I actually knocked this movie in terms of its position in the MCU for being "too funny". It may be too jokey for an action comic book movie, but in terms of comedy, it was solid.

Oh Hey, another horror-comedy crossover. "In my original review, I described this movie as "hillbilly Hitchcock", and I still love that line."

5 - The Lobster

This movie will get the full Celluloid Hero review soon, and it definitely doesn't fit the style of comedy that is featured along the rest of this list. It's dark, surreal, awkward, absurdist humor, and even though I wouldn't say there were any "jokes", it made me laugh.

4 - Pitch Perfect

Don't judge me, it's a fun movie. I might be the only person who would include it in my list of best comedies, but it made me laugh, I loved the music, and it's a bunch of hot girls singing for 90 minutes, so I'm down with it.

I had been on an anti-Michael Cera run when this came out, and I regret not seeing it right away, because it is awesome.

Great writing, great acting, great directing, great gags.

So, I guess this is vaguely controversial, because my original review wasn't too great. However, we're all allowed to change our minds, and as time passed, this movie grew on me.



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