A boy vacationing on L.B.I. found an arrowhead that was possibly used by Native Americans.

According to foxnews.com:

Noah Cordle, 10, and his family were vacationing on Long Beach Island last week when he found it at the edge of the surf in the community of Beach Haven.

The Springfield, Virginia family contacted the Archaeological Society of New Jersey to get information on the find.

The president, Greg Lattanzi, told the Asbury Park Press that the arrow point probably dates back 8,000 to 11,000 years, when the New Jersey shore was a cold and treeless place just after glaciers had retreated.

"I was basically blown away," he said. "Finding these is rare."

The museum has about two dozen of these Paleoindian points, but most were found by professionals at archeological digs.

Noah at Show & Tell: WINNING! :-D

More on this story with a photo of the proud boy who found the arrowhead at foxnews.com.


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