A freak accident happened in Salem County Monday when a woman fell into a well inside a home there.

The incident occurred around 4 p.m. Monday in Pilesgrove Township, 6abc.com reports.

Apparently, a well exists inside a home off Woodstown-Daretown Road deep enough that rescue crews from a several towns had to be called in to help.

According to CBS News Philadelphia, the woman fell 20 feet into the home's well, where she became stuck in mud.

It took teams from Woodstown, Pilesgrove, Pennsville, and New Castle County in Delaware about an hour to free the woman. You can see in Chopper 6 video below the woman bundled up and outfitted with a hard hat as first responders lift her on a Gurnie. Fortunately, she was not seriously hurt.

So far, there has been no information shared about why the well is exposed inside the Salem County home (there is a lot of farmland in that area) or what the woman was doing before she fell into it.

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Not to trivialize the accident, but have you ever seen the movie Amityville Horror 3? Remember the demonic well inside the basement of that house? That's all I thought about when I first read this story. Glad the victim in this situation is going to be okay.

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