Our first responders do so much for us on a daily basis in keeping communities safe.

Now, there will be an entire month in New Jersey designated to thanking and appreciating them for all they do.

(Photo Credit: Ocean Township Police Department)
(Photo Credit: Ocean Township Police Department)

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A bi-partisan resolution, SJR-59, from Senators Kristin Corrado (R-40) and Troy Singleton (D-7), passed by the New Jersey Senate will designate October as 'First Responders Appreciation Month'.

"It sets aside the month of October to honor all of our heroes, our police officers, our firefighters, our paramedics, our emt's...the ones who run towards danger everyday and keep us safe in New Jersey," Senator Corrado tells Townsquare Media News. "It'll give us the opportunity to recognize different heroes throughout the state whether it's paid or volunteer, they put the time in and take care of us."

Where would we be without our first responders, how healthy and safe and protected who would be.

They are our lifeline.

"They are the first ones we call in an emergency, whenever we need help and they are always there," Corrado said.

It's something arguably forgotten in today's political climate where broad brushing takes place with continued legislative action on certain fronts that has taken away things like immunity from police and subjects them to criminal charges, related to the Marijuana law, as well as verbal scorn.

Senator Corrado says that in today's political climate, we need to show appreciation more than ever for all of our first responders, particularly law enforcement.

"I think it's more important than ever considering the climate that we're in, our police officers do amazing jobs day in and day out. They really are there, they're the first ones we reach out to in a time of need and they're there," Corrado said. "So, we have to let them know we truly appreciate the job they do, not just for one month but for the entire year, it's really important."

In early discussions surrounding this resolution, there's naturally been a lot of positive feedback from the first responder communities.

"We had a really positive response to doing the resolution and we understand the fact that they're people just like the rest of us with families just like the rest of us and they have hard jobs and they do those hard jobs everyday. They are members of the community and they are always looking to continue working together and be apart of the community," Corrado said. "I think they were really appreciative of the fact that we do recognize the hard work that they do and that we are taking time to recognize and celebrate each one of them."

First Responders Appreciation

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