I am not Johnny nature but I do like animals. I LOVE DOGS and want to pet and love every single dog I see. But I also like chipmunks, squirrels and bunnies. Well, just call me Snow White....that's the going joke. I have bunny rabbits on my lawn often, along with chipmunks, squirrels and birds. I think small outdoor animals them are peaceful.


I don't go outside and frolic with them or sing to them LOL, BUT I do name every single wild animal I see. For example, lucky for us we live by the ocean and bay! When I see an Egret, his name is Eddie, so I don't even say wow look at the Egret, I'll say there's Eddie! Our squirrel is Sonny, the chipmunk is Chip, and the bunny is Pete (like Peter Rabbit). Crazy right? But I'm sure some of you do the same! By the way, did you know we have bald eagles on top of the cell tower where Hooper Avenue becomes Brick Boulevard, right behind Advance Auto Parts and Koi Asian Fusion? I've seen 3 up there at one time, and usually you can catch at least one! His name is baldy!!!


Jenni XOXO

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