Most people would be a little concerned if a critter was lingering around somewhere they were getting food, but this North Carolina town seem to doesn't mind! 

Scott and Pam Martin own Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf and also provide a squirrel they have named Putter with ice cream treats! “You call her name, and she literally will come out of her nest in one of these big trees and hop her way down to the roof, ultimately to the rail and waits on her cone," Scott Martin told WWAY3. The couple said that they went to give the squirrel a piece of a cone awhile back, but Putter ran away with the whole thing, thus starting the daily treats.

Putter, AKA Putt-Putt has her own special squirrel-sized cones that the Martins serve with sugar-free vanilla ice cream with nuts on it.

Customers have even come to love Putter and ask about her when they come in. The Martins also said Putt-Putt ironically plays mini golf with the kids by playing with the balls. 

They better hope Putter doesn't bring her friends along, because one ice-cream-loving squirrel is pretty cute but a whole colony could become an issue!

Either way, we wish we could go enjoy a cone or two with Putt-Putt!

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