A woman in New Jersey found two orphaned baby squirrels, so she decided to take them in. She called a local wildlife rehab center to see if they could take them, but they couldn't. So, rather than throwing the squirrels back outside to die in some terrible way, she decided to keep them and raise them on her own.

The woman posted pictures and videos on social media, which caused the Division of Fish and Wildlife to come to her door and give her a $500 fine because it's illegal to have a squirrel as a pet. Apparently, squirrels are considered "dangerous animals".

The woman went before a judge to appeal the fine, but the judge said it should've been a $1,000 fine, and that she could face six months in jail. Yes, she could get jail time for raising two baby squirrels who would've either been eaten by a larger animal or starved to death.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife people and judge who made these decisions are really some of the worst people in the world.

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