The owl that was discovered in the Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York City has been released back into the wild last night.

"Rocky", the Saw-whet owl was discovered in a nest in the tree that was taken from upstate New York that will be on display at Rockefeller Center in New York City for the Christmas season.

The tree made the almost two hundred mile journey from Oneonta, New York, and when workers started to prepare the tree to be on display, they noticed the little owl sitting in its nest.

From lack of food and water, the owl was dehydrated and too weak to be released back into the wild immediately from the long journey. She spent about a week in a wildlife center until she had the strength to be released and on her own again in the wild.

And yes...Rocky is a "she".

Check out the video of her being released back into the wild. Maybe it's just me, but the video seems a little sad. It just seems the owl doesn't want to go but is being forced to be all by herself out there in the wild.

Have a good life Rocky, and Happy Holidays to you and yours

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Andy Chase
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