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Check Out This Amazing Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solo
The music world was stunned yesterday when the announcement was made that Van Halen guitarist, Eddie Van Halen lost his long battle with cancer at the young age of 65.
Eddie was diagnosed with tongue cancer back in 2000, and was cancer-free in 2002, just to have the cancer return in 2011...
[WATCH] UFO Spotted Over New Jersey??? No!
I don't know if we as a society are losing our minds together or not, but people up in North Jersey did something yesterday that kind of seems that we are.
Drivers on Route 9 and Route 21, stopped driving to get out of their cars to look at what they believed was a visit from aliens in a spaceship
Throwback Thursday- Yankees vs Orioles Brawl 1998
This is one of those brawls in baseball you can never forget.
It was May of 1998 and the New York Yankees were facing the Baltimore Orioles at the Stadium.
Bernie Williams just hit a 3-run home run off of Orioles pitcher Armando Benitez to give the Yankees a two-run lead (Benitez would be with the New…
Check Out Lightning Strike at Statue of Liberty
We certainly have had some wild weather this year, and last night was no different with severe thunderstorms moving through the New York/New Jersey area.
Last night multiple bolts of lightning struck somewhere behind the Statue of Liberty...
[WATCH] Kobe Bryant Watching The Eagles Win the Superbowl
Kobe Bryant was born and raised in Philadelphia, so it's no surprise that he is a huge Eagles fan.
Check out this cool moment of Kobe Bryant, holding his daughter, watching the final seconds of Superbowl LII when the Eagles beat the Patriots on the last play of the game...
[Watch] Toms River Police Makes 4th Grader’s Dream Come True
Back in December, Mason from Toms River sent a letter to Santa saying that it was his wish to become a Toms River Police Officer for one day
Santa read Mason's letter and got word to the Toms River Police Department.
On Christmas Day, The Toms River Police Department showed up at Mason's hou…

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