This is one of those brawls in baseball you can never forget.

It was May of 1998 and the New York Yankees were facing the Baltimore Orioles at the Stadium.

Bernie Williams just hit a 3-run home run off of Orioles pitcher Armando Benitez to give the Yankees a two-run lead (Benitez would be with the New York Mets the following year)

Benitez was not happy giving up the home run to Williams, so he pretty much took it out on Tino Martinez who was up after Williams.

Armando Benitez drills Martinez with a fastball directly in the middle of his back and you can tell Martinez was in a lot of pain.

Enjoy the fireworks:

This was one of the better brawls in baseball history with the New York Yankee, Darryl Strawberry lunging at Benitez at the top of the Orioles dugout barely missing with a left hook

I also love seeing these baseball videos from years ago. It's so cool to see the players from back in the day

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Andy Chase
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