Yesterday was the latest protest in the country, this time taking to the streets of Asbury Park. AP is one of my favorite shore towns - I love the music spots like the Pony and the Wonderbar; I love the food like Confections of a Rockstar and Kim Marie's; I love the indie shops like Rebel Supply and KillScreen Games. Call me naive, but I felt like if any town could pull off a truly peaceful protest, it would be Asbury Park. was there and caught great video of thousands of people singing along to "Lean On Me" by the late, great Bill Withers.

According to, Asbury Park had instituted a curfew of 8pm last night that would end at 5am today - around 9:30pm, about 200 protesters were dispersed by police. From everything I read online, saw on Instagram or Snapchat, there was no violent, no looting, no rioting. I'm proud of Asbury Park, and hopeful that today's planned protest in Toms River can follow in their steps.

UPDATE: According to, that small group did end up becoming violent. Unfortunately, some of the protesters clashed with police and ended up throwing rocks at the officers, one of whom was taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center. Dammit Asbury, I thought you could pull this off.

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