UPDATE: Rebel Supply Company just announced on their Facebook page that the sign in question will be going back up:

Here is the original story:

Rebel Supply in Asbury Park is an awesome little vintage shop on Cookman Avenue. They embrace the attitude of the "new" Asbury Park, preaching unity and love for all. I get that not everyone shares the same views, but if you are "offended" by a message that shows disdain for a hate group, I don't know what you're problem is, other than the fact that you are a racist POS.

Rebel Supply "replaced" the sign quickly, as Dog Wig Printing created a shirt that is being sold at the store.

I've been trying to find out exactly who complained and why. If the landlord has an issue with painting the glass window, it would be super-easy to just create a sign to hang once those shirts sell out. If, on the other hand, it really is someone that just doesn't want someone bashing the KKK or fascism, then it's just another step I take towards losing faith in humanity.

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