Just a Bit Outside prides itself on many things. Great radio. Good looks. Knowledge about everything from sports, to life skills, to holding court with the ladies. Somewhere on that list includes consistency. Every week includes a Top 5 Tuesday topic.

This week: The Top 5 Probable Celebrity Virgins

5. Rick Moranis - Simple choice. I didn't know what intercourse was when I was five, but I knew that Rick Moranis didn't take part in any of it.

4. David Paymer - Character actor, former Academy Award nominee, and still years away from that special moment.

3. Art Howe - The former Athletics and Mets manager has been portray in print and film as a bumbling idiot. His good teams won in spite of him. His bad teams lost because of him. There's little way that Art bedded more women than playoff series he won. For the record, his Athletics never advanced passed the first round of the postseason. His Mets? They didn't exactly make playing in October a habit under his watch.

2. Glenn Beck - This has nothing to do with political affiliation. He just looks like the kind of guy that thinks making out constitutes getting lucky.

1. Oroku Saki - You may know him as actor James Saito. Others might remember him as the fictional villain Shredder from Ninja Turtles. Either way, there had to be a reason to travel across the world to start a crime organization. That reason? To settle a score with a giant rat...over a woman.

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