More Bulldozers? Wow more construction popping up in Toms River. This construction is along Route 9 at Stevens Road and is getting cleared pretty quick.

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So investigating this latest project in Toms River, I found that work is being done by Ray Builders. They have projects currently under construction here in New Jersey, including this latest. I was unable to reach anyone for information, but we know that if there is an answer as to what this work is, you will know.

Shawn Michaels


The construction is a corner lot, facing Stevens Road and Route 9, there is a good amount of space here, the question is...will it be one building and parking or sub-divided and be a multi-business property? Could it possibly be housing? Not sure what the zoning is for that location.

So as we always do when we have unanswered questions concerning our community, we throw the question out to you, the members of our community. What do you know? what have you heard? have a guess? and in a perfect world, what would you like to see built at this location?

Of course, many of you may respond, I do not want to see any construction there and would have left it alone. Problem with prime real estate like this along Route 9 in Toms River, it's tough to just NOT develop something......especially if someone comes along with a good deal to offer you.

Shawn Michaels


Please post your comments and thoughts in the comments section below and let's see if we can get an answer to this latest construction question.....what’s going on now in Toms River?


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