What is Going on in Wall Township?
Out and about I saw this project in Monmouth County. I was traveling along Route 138 in Wall Township when I spotted this construction project. Of course I may have overlooked any signs detailing the work, but I am almost sure I didn’t see any description of the project.
Coffee Lovers is This a Hit or a Miss? [OPINION]
Ok for me I drink it black, no cream and sugar. I prefer non-flavored coffees. Favorite is an americano with NO room.....aka black espresso with hot water. So I do not think it will be any big surprise when you see my thoughts on the new Hostess "snack" flavored coffees.
REVIEW: The Wawa Brisket Bowls
Ok so before we start let’s acknowledge that Wawa Brisket Bowls are not gourmet food and I understand that, but they are something new to try and I going to give you my two cents. The Wawa Brisket Sandwiches and Bowls have been out before, but I do not remember them here. Maybe they were in o…
How About A Quarantine Date Night?
So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and of course things are still not back to normal. Question is what “can” you do this Valentine’s Day that loving, fun and safe? Not quite sure what April and I are doing but now we kind of have an idea.
The Art of the Water Tower! [Photo Gallery]
This article is all about “water towers”. Yes believe it or not I think there’s a visual history and art when it comes to the “water tower”. Historically you seem to find the older towers in more urban areas, the ones that go for less visual art and are more a piec…

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