Don't worry, none of us will end up nude if we're wrong.


Varacchi - I will be rooting hard for the Rams, but I just have a bad feeling that the Pats are going to jump out to a quickish lead, Goff will be rattled and Belichick will take advantage. Patriots 30-Rams 24.

Andy Chase - Pats 31-Rams 28

Lady Di - WHOSE HOUSE? RAMS HOUSE!! But I’m going to say it’s a close game 34-31 that realistic?  ...this is the most footbally I’ve ever been in my whole life.

Bozz - Recently, I've based my prediction on the team who has WVU players and how many (unless the Giants are playing of course). Case in point..the Eagles had 4 WVU players on their roster last year, so I picked them to win. This year, not a single Mountaineer is on either team. With that, I predict an upset...Rams- 30, Patriots- 27.

Teddy Louis - I’ll root for the Rams, although that Pat’s will most likely win – they always seem to.  No crystal ball in the Saturday Night Slaughterhouse vault, so I’m not going to even try and guess at the score.  Instead, I will focus on what’s really important – the food.

I’m making a spread of fresh (not that frozen crap) chicken wings with a homemade Sriracha Honey dip sauce, homemade onion rings and French fries, and homemade chicken and cheese Quesadilla’s with homemade salsa and guacamole (hint, I use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream – to make it a healthy meal). I know, a lot of homemade going on – but hey, that’s how I roll.

So, go Rams – or Pat’s – or whomever.  More importantly, let’s eat! [Ed. note: I just asked for a prediction, a score, and few sentences. Thanks Teddy.]

Pete Lepore - Rams over Patriots, 30-27. It’s no fun to not pick the upset here. I imagine it will be close though, which is good. Don’t we want the biggest game of the year to be exciting?

Tom Cunningham - Rams 61-Pats 3

Scott Stephens - Rams 27-Pats 21

Pete Caruana - I'm going with the Rams, 27-24 I know many people with go with the Pats but, I'm thinking that the Rams will have a trick or two up their sleeve and a final 2 minute drive for the go ahead score.

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