Super Bowl LVI is finally upon us. Good news! Neither the New England Patriots NOR the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ANYWHERE NEAR the game this year.



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The majority of the Garden State will still tune into the big game on Sunday night. Even though it won't be the same as watching the Eagles win back in 2018, it should still be pretty entertaining this year. The Cincinnati Bengals take on the LA Rams this year, so that'll be an interesting night, for sure.


Regarding taking in the big game here in South Jersey, apparently we're VERY particular about how we choose to enjoy the game. To be real though, aren't we that way about everything? The answer is "duh". A survey conducted by revealed South Jersey's most popular Super Bowl trends including food, habits, preferences, etc.

First, let's address what the Super Bowl is really about: SNACKS. You can't have an awesome Super Bowl party without some delicious snacks that are sure to add at least a temporary bloat to the waistline. The average person will spend about $50 on food and drink on Super Bowl Sunday. That's A LOT of money for one person! The survey revealed that South Jersey's most popular snacks are as follows: Pizza, meat and wings, nachos, and guacamole!

There's no such thing as too many calories on Super Bowl Sunday.

In addition to our food choices, turns out that South Jersey is very particular about how we want to watch the game. The survey shows that our comfort while watching is more important to us than the TV and sound quality. Our comfort is, statistically, our number one concern, with our snacks coming in 2nd place on our priority list.

Also, another fun fact is that while men care more about the game itself, most women care about the party attached to the day. There's nothing better than a Jersey girl to get the party started, AM I RIGHT?!


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