As much as I don't want to, I'll probably end up watching most of the Super Bowl. It's just unavoidable, as much as I hate both teams and want them both to lose...I'll still watch just because.

If I can get myself to switch off the game, here are some of the best football movies that I love (along with some suggestions from people around the office), in no particular order.


Varsity Blues

Football and babes! WOO.

Remember the Titans

It Disney-fied a lot of what happened, but it's always a good watch. It's also fun to see so many familiar faces in early roles.

Any Given Sunday

I have to say, this movie has not aged well. I liked it when it first came out, but I tried to watch it recently and it's a chore. It still earns a spot on the list for old times' sake.

The Replacements

"Shane Falco" is such a wonderful absurd perfect nonsense quarterback name.


Even though we've since learned that 99% of this movie is pure fiction, it's still worthy of a spot on this list.

The Program

Young Halle Berry & young Kristy Swanson! Alcohol, steroids, rape, academic scandal, and a whole bunch more.

Necessary Roughness

I've actually never seen this one, but it was a recommendation from our Production Guru, Mario.

Ace Ventura

Most people don't think of this as a "sports movie" or "football movie"...but with events that revolve entirely around the Super Bowl and the Miami Dolphins, with a cameo by Dan fits!  LACES OUT.




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