Once again, it's time for the expert air-staff of the Hawk to make our Super Bowl predictions.

Hit the music!


FBHW - They brought back the classic "microwave an egg" bit, and the Eagles egg exploded first, which means officially the show prediction is for the Patriots.

Varacchi - Is there a possibility of a meteor hitting the stadium, but not destroying the surrounding area? Just wipe out both teams and their fans, but spare the rest of Minnesota. As a Giants fan, I can't "root" for either of these teams...but I only know about 4 Pats fans, so I can tolerate seeing them celebrate on Facebook rather than the dozens of Eagles fans I know. Philly fans are UNBEARABLE. I'd still rather have my Giants be the only team that were able to stop Belichick/Brady.  Anyway, Pats 23-17.

Andy Chase - Uhhhhhhhh...Patriots 24-17.

Zach Martin - New England by 10.

Lady Di - WOOOOOOO PRETENDING I UNDERSTAND SPORRTTTS. I’m gonna say Patriots simply because they always win. Patriots 34 - Eagles 17.

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Bozz - I was pretty darn close last year...I picked the Pats 35-28 (they won 34-28). On to this year...there are 4 WVU Mountaineers on the Eagles: Goode, Gibson, Douglas and Smallwood. Plus, let's make the Patriots 0-3 vs. NFC East teams in Super Bowls. With that, and putting my division rivalry aside....Eagles 28, Patriots 24.

Stei - Philadelphia 31 - New England 14. Parade on Broad Street!

Scott Stephens - Eagles 28-21.

Teddy Louis - Patriots 25 - Eagles 20.

Pete Caruana - Eagles 27-21. The smart money would say that The Patriots will win but momentum and emotion seems to be on Philly's side. Fly Eagles fly!

Pete Lepore - Going to try the same as 51: Patriots 24-7.

Tom Cunningham - Defense win championships. Defense will carry the Philadelphia Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory. Shore Conference stalwart/Neptune High School grad Vinny Curry will be the MVP.  Eagles defense will take the ball away twice and score once. Eagles win 27-23 in a game that's not as close as the score indicates.

NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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