If you went to college at Ohio State, or Miami, or LSU, or USC, or Notre Dame...you're used to hearing your school's name when football players introduce themselves. However, if you went to a smaller school, like me, it's always a cheap thrill to hear it on TV.

When Patriots WR Chris Hogan's turn came up during Super Bowl LII, instead of hearing "Chris Hogan - Monmouth University", we heard..."Chris Hogan - Penn State Lacrosse".


Penn State even tried to claim Hogan as their own via Twitter, but Monmouth returned fire.

In case you were wondering, Hogan did play lacrosse at Penn State, but graduated in 2010 with one year of college sports eligibility remaining. He used that one year to enroll at Monmouth and play football, both wide receiver and cornerback. It's all a silly controversy, but him adding "lacrosse" to his introduction seems to be an eye-rolling moment of puffing up Bill Belichick like "wow, look at this, turning a college lacrosse player into a stud wide receiver, Belichick's a genuis" blahblahblah.

Frankly, I think the "Monmouth Jinx" is what cost the Patriots the game.

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