File this under WHO WANTED THIS! We all know The Munsters is a campy television program from the 1960's. The show was bland, not usually funny, & sort of a homeless version of the The Addams Family. The original worked okay AT BEST, the late 80's The Munsters Today didn't work at all. Yet with no evidence anyone wanted it, NBC has ordered a pilot of a re-imagined version of the television program. This time the show will be an hour long apparently and be more of a "dramedy" then a true comedy. Why remake a show nobody liked the 1st 2 times? Why take a show that was never funny and make it even less funny? I seriously thought the show was a drama the first three times I watched it. Neither of the previous incarnations of the show reached 100 episodes. Why would this 1 be any different? I think we are officially out of ideas. When they had the meeting to do this Munsters remake what did they turn down? I hope not Airwolf, because that's a program I would like to see again. I can think of 100 shows I would rather see then The Munsters. Here are a few examples, the aforementioned Airwolf, Small Wonder, What's Happening Now!(call it What's Really Happening), & Mr. Belvedere. What tv shows would you like to see remade more then "The Munsters"?