I would definitely put a good bowl of chili on my list of favorite foods. I do enjoy chili with a side of fresh cornbread or even saltines. Yes, saltines are fantastic with a hot bowl of chili.


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I would have to say I like a good bowl of chili that is somewhere between medium to hot when it comes to spice. I don't like it too bland and I don't enjoy it so spicey it burns lol. I would think that might be the most popular "heat" level medium-hot. How do you like your chili? Post your comments below.



Unsplash.com stephanie monfette
Unsplash.com stephanie monfette



When it comes to chili around America, there is a new list of the Top 50 chili restaurants and New Jersey has its top chili and these bowls come from right here in Monmouth County. In a recent MSN post, the Ocean Cafe was named the best chili in the Garden State.

The Ocean Cafe has two locations in Monmouth County. The Ocean Cafe has locations in Shrewsbury and Long Branch. The chili that is named best in Jersey is a "chicken" chili. According to the MSN post "This laid-back restaurant has two locations in New Jersey and it breaks chili tradition, using chunks of chicken rather than standard ground beef. The place has a health-focused ethos, and the lean chili is packed with beans and spices that give it just as much depth and warmth as a more typical dish."



Congratulations to the Ocean Cafe in Long Branch and Shrewsbury, named as best chili in New Jersey and one of the best in the United States. I will be in for a bowl or maybe two of your famous chicken chili.


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