Popcorn Park Zoo

Get Your Pet Blessed at the Popcorn Park Zoo This Weekend
It's the sixth annual "Blessing of the Animals and Pets" this Saturday at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey.
It doesn't matter what religion you observe as the annual event is non-sectarian. All that matters is that you love your pet, and maybe you want a little extra protecti…
Help Find This NJ Bunny It’s Fur-Ever Home
Say hi to Cinnabun. Cinnabun is looking for her forever home and she is available for adoption at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River.
We always talk about dogs and cats looking for homes, but there are plenty of other animals like Cinnabun the Bunny looking for a home too...
Dog Needs Christmas Miracle
Meet Paddington, Paddington has been at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River for 610 days and nights. Paddington has been at the shelter longer than any other dog currently there. Let's share this tale (pun intended) and get Paddington a home for Christmas...
Hawk Warning in New Jersey
No....we're not talking about your FAVORITE Radio Station 105.7 The HAWK. No we're not talking about the Monmouth Hawks either. We're talking about the actual birds, and it's actually pretty serious stuff.

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