This is a sad story to report, we received reports from you at home reporting that two of the peacocks at Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River had been killed. According to callers, they reported that two of the peacocks were run down by an area motorist.


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Such a sad story, we do not have any further details at this time, but what a horrible incident here in Ocean County. As callers mentioned....the peacocks are free roaming and are always out and about by the Popcorn Park we are used to seeing the birds.


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What a terrible thing, senseless and very avoidable if people SLOW down. Why is it lately it seems people are speeding more than ever and because of high speeds it makes it very tough to avoid animals when they might venture into a roadway. It's either that or this was done intentionally and that's an even worse scenario.

Senseless is the word for the death of these two beautiful birds at the Popcorn Park Zoo. We have to be more responsible and slow down on the roadways. Not just for animals but people too. You have a much better chance of avoiding problems when your traveling at a responsible speed.

We reached out to the Popcorn Park Zoo "they are free-roaming and they stay within the park but they do wander up Humane Way and cross over Lacey Road from time to time" ~ Sandy Hickman Media Coordinator AHS/Popcorn Park ..... Ms. Hickman added they are looking to puts signs out to remind motorists the birds are about.

It's a shame what happened out at Popcorn Park Zoo, lets hope maybe by bringing attention to this senseless incident we can avoid future problems. Wanna thank you at home for calling in to report this horrible killing. Thoughts going out to our friends over at Popcorn Park Zoo.


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