We have a new resident at the Popcorn Park Zoo.
He's absolutely gorgeous, Kanu the Lion from Pennsylvania.
A little bit about Kanu, he lost his mate and needed companionship so his caregivers in Pennsylvania thought the Popcorn Park Zoo would be the perfect spot for him. Popcorn Park had fellow lions like Simba and other big cats.
Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Facebook Page, Kanu
Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Facebook Page, Kanu

Kanu has settled in nicely, from Popcorn Park's Facebook page, especially his keen interest in his neighbor Simba.
Kanu is at the perfect place. The Popcorn Park Zoo is a gem of Ocean County. The way they care for animals is amazing.
The lion arrived at Popcorn Park just before Christmas and seems to be settling in very nice. Popcorn Park is making sure he feels safe and at home in his new spot.
From Popcorn Park:
Kanu isn't just any lion; he's a character! Known for his friendly demeanor, he quickly forms strong bonds with his keepers and shows a curious interest in visitors. One of his most endearing quirks is carrying his paw in his mouth and hopping around his enclosure – a sight that brings smiles to everyone.
If you would like to sponsor Kanu, click here. He's 9 years old and his birthday is January 19th. He's almost 10 years old.
Sponsor any animal you choose with the Associated Humane Society, you'll be helping out with so many animals and their needs. I remember when my daughter Abby was younger we sponsored a cat at the shelter at Popcorn Park, it was a lot of fun. We visited with her a lot and got to play with her in their fabulous cat room. It is something your kids will remember.

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