Popcorn Park Zoo

Dog Needs Christmas Miracle
Meet Paddington, Paddington has been at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River for 610 days and nights. Paddington has been at the shelter longer than any other dog currently there. Let's share this tale (pun intended) and get Paddington a home for Christmas...
Hawk Warning in New Jersey
No....we're not talking about your FAVORITE Radio Station 105.7 The HAWK. No we're not talking about the Monmouth Hawks either. We're talking about the actual birds, and it's actually pretty serious stuff.
UPDATE: Bobcat Found, Again
Rocky, the pet bobcat notorious for escaping from his Stafford Township home, has been captured after getting loose for at least the third time this year, according to NBC10.com.
Throwback Thursday – Princess the Camel [PHOTO]
You might see the term #TBT on social media. (Instagram, Facebook) It stands for Throwback Thursday. People dig up old pictures from back in the day, and post them.
We decided to do the same thing here on the Hawk website. Check back on Thursday's to see pics from back in the day
Forked River’s Popcorn Park Zoo
I first heard about Popcorn Park years ago when a friend who was forced to surrender her dog brought her there.
She was heartbroken, of course, but the one thing that gave her comfort was knowing she was giving her dog away to a shelter that would find her beloved companion a good home.
I never forgot…